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There are consistent and compelling evidence-based, peer-reviewed scientific studies supporting a whole food, plant-strong diet for preventing, halting and even reversing many of the chronic diseases we see every day. Through PhytoFit, LLC, Debbie continues her commitment to teach people how the power of a healthy lifestyle and whole food, plant-based nutrition can lead to optimal wellbeing.

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  • Vegan Health Coach Lakeland

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  • Vegan Health Coach Lakeland

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  • Vegan Health Coach Lakeland

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About PhytoFit, LLC.

Meet Debbie Zimmerman

As a Distinguished Toastmaster, professional speaker, fitness specialist, and health educator, Debbie’s passion motivates individuals to strive for optimal wellness. She holds national certifications and specializations in Lifestyle Medicine, Wellness and Health Coaching; Sports Nutrition, Aerobic Fitness, and Personal Training. Debbie has completed the eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate and is a licensed and certified Food for Life...

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  • “It has been said that one of the most precious gifts in the universe is that of good health. Thanks to phytofit and the wonderful coaching skills of Debbie Zimmerman, I have recovered my good health after a significant heart attack that should have cost me my life. It has been an incredible journey and i am eternally grateful! Thank you!

    -Linda B. Troupe, Lakeland, FL

    Nutrition Coach Lakeland
  • “Debbie is an amazing teacher with informative videos, hand outs and recipes. My husband and I really enjoyed her class and the wealth of information she provided. If you want to understand more about plant based diet sign up for her classes or coaching!”

    Joette Meyers Giardina

    Health Coach Lakeland
  • “Debbie is a wealth of knowledge about a plant based diet and if she doesn't know the answer she will research it and send you a link to the answer in your email. She is extremely helpful on this journey and she is one of the most pleasant people I know. You are missing out if you haven't taken a class with her!”

    Donna Vanderhoff

    Nutrition Coach Lakeland

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