The Birth of Phyto-Fit

During her lifetime, Debbie has witnessed the lifestyle diseases caused by the Standard American Diet (SAD). Fast foods, junk foods, highly processed, and nutritionally-stripped foods cause chronic, debilitating diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and many forms of cancer. Debbie saw this not only in her family but also the thousands of colleagues and clients she has counseled over the years.

There are consistent and compelling evidence-based, peer-reviewed scientific studies supporting a whole food, plant-strong diet for preventing, halting and even reversing many of the chronic diseases we see every day. Through PhytoFit, LLC, Debbie continues her commitment to teach people how the power of a healthy lifestyle and whole food, plant-based nutrition can lead to optimal wellbeing.

Meet Debbie Zimmerman

Debbie Zimmerman’s passion for a healthy lifestyle began at an early age when her grandparents were diagnosed with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. After seeing the devastation that these diseases can wreak, Debbie vowed at the age of 14 to live a life of prevention. Her love and concern for her family, along with the fear that she too may be destined to experience serious health consequences, further ignited her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and to helping others.

Today, Debbie continues her passion of empowering her clients to attain optimal health and vitality. As a health coach, she meets her clients where they are, helps them sort through the confusion of the “nutritional malaise” by utilizing an evidenced-based, whole-food plant-based approach, and holds them accountable for their lifestyle choices. Debbie emphasizes lifestyle changes that will not only prevent but also reverse the progression of the most common chronic diseases. Her clients recognize their successes throughout their personal journeys to good health.

As a Distinguished Toastmaster, professional speaker, fitness specialist, and health educator, Debbie’s passion motivates individuals to strive for optimal wellness. She holds national certifications and specializations in Lifestyle Medicine, Wellness and Health Coaching; Sports Nutrition, Aerobic Fitness, and Personal Training. Debbie has completed the eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate and is a licensed and certified Food for Life instructor and Cooking Coach through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Debbie’s mission is to teach people how the power of a healthy lifestyle and whole-food, plant-based nutrition can lead to optimal wellbeing.