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    I would like to say this (transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle) is a journey I have wanted to take for a long time and this class made me feel like I could, because it is not as difficult as I thought it would be. You made making these dishes look so simple especially for beginners, as well as showed ways to make this not so costly. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you so very much for doing this class.


    D Taylor
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    Debbie is a wealth of knowledge. After talking to Ms. Debbie for a few weeks and attending one of her classes, I have changed my eating habits. I am happy to say I mainly focus my diet on plant-based whole food. The amount of knowledge she has regarding various aspects of nutrition is fantastic. She has helped me understand facts about whole foods from a better perspective. The cooking class I attended was great as well. I learned different ways to pair food, which is incredible because I can get tired of eating a particular food in one way. I would recommend her class to anyone who wants to dive into the whole food world or to someone who just needs ideas on different ways to prepare their food. One hundred percent recommend her for your health journey because she will meet you at your level.

    Liz Bradley
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    It has been said that one of the most precious gifts in the universe is that of good health. Thanks to Phytofit and the wonderful coaching skills of Debbie Zimmerman, I have recovered my good health after a significant heart attack that should have cost me my life. It has been an incredible journey and I am eternally grateful! Thank you!

    Linda B. Troupe, Lakeland, FL
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    Thank you for sharing your expertise and I appreciate the passion you naturally express during the Food for Life Programs. Not only were the weekly programs educational, entertaining and delicious, but they had a tremendous impact on the long-term health of our employee participants. You truly inspired many to embrace that what we eat, can change what our health “could and should be”! The programs have resulted in an increase of morale within our offices, seeing and hearing about the reduction of weight, blood pressure, other heart-related issues and improvement with diabetes issues and stressors. Polk County is extremely fortunate to have such a qualified educator in this field…you have made a difference within Allen & Company and thank you!

    Laura Hawley, President, Allen & Company Investments
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    As an employer, we are always looking for ways to motivate and empower our team members. I heard of Debbie Zimmerman and her Food for Life program through a local group. We invited Debbie to present a series of lectures to interested team members and were surprised at the number of team members who signed up for the 8-week course. Debbie came in once a week for about 1-1/2 hours. She not only made an incredible presentation, but she also cooked delicious whole-food, plant-based meals on the spot.

    The staff loved the food and were amazed at the power of nutrition over disease, low energy, mood, sleep, and a host of other things. We had one team member with Lupus so excited to learn that she could actually use nutrition to combat her disease. After every presentation, the office was buzzing about lifestyle and nutrition change. The cost of this program was well worth the benefits of a healthier happier staff who felt empowered by this experience. I am sure we will have Debbie back at some point.

    Stephen K. Brooks, Esq, Brooks Law Group, P.A.
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    Debbie’s classes help people who are new to plant-based eating learn how powerful nutrition can be for improving health and wellbeing. Seeing the plant-based recipes prepared and served is invaluable. Nothing convinces people more than their stomachs, that plant-based nutrition is not only best for health, but also a delicious way to eat!

    Is chocolate sauce good for you? Yep, we learned how to make it in Debbie’s classes. No worries about what to put on your plate without meat. Debbie shows you how beautiful, easy and tasty your plant-based meals can be.

    Cathy Thornhill
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    We had the opportunity to attend one of many of Debbie’s Food for Life workshops. The “turning point” in this highly educational, interactive, and inspirational workshop was a statement, “We alone are responsible for what we put into our mouths and bodies.” Richard and I discussed what we had learned and decided to just TRY IT to see what would happen and how we would feel. Within two weeks of eating almost completely plant-based, whole foods, Richard woke up one morning and said, “My knee pain is GONE!”

    AMAZING!? We surely think so. It is truly delightful to learn new and wonderful, health-altering recipes. My husband’s cholesterol has dropped from around 200 to 135 in a few months…all foods! “Let food be thy medicine.”

    Thanks, Debbie, for your phenomenal educational expertise to help inspire others, most especially US to a healthier, joyful, energized state of being! Thank you.

    Valla & Richard Treuman, Winter Haven, FL
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    I wanted to tell you how much your health coaching has helped me with my health issues. My acid reflux is much better. Sometimes it’s completely gone and then I eat something that disagrees with me. Cutting out the nuts (sad) helped so much. I think the fat was keeping my esophageal sphincter from closing appropriately. So, I am very low fat now. Also, my insomnia is much better! I made quite a few changes and it is working for the most part. I have only had insomnia once in the last week. Praise the Lord!!

    Thank you so much for everything. I want you to know that you are having an impact. You work very hard and I am evidence that your hard labor is bearing fruit.

    Valerie C.
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    Sending a big “thank you” to you, Debbie. My lab work results today showed my iron, ferritin, folate, etc. have all increased. You may recall I was so severely anemic; I had to have iron infusions in April/May of 2020 as I was severely anemic due to Covid.

    Woo hoo, I’m so happy! You have been such a big influence for me getting these results. Your classes have taught me to pay close attention to combinations of food for best nutritional impact. I always knew about vitamin C was a cofactor of iron absorption, but I thought popping a vitamin C pill would work. Little did I know how rough vitamin C supplements are on your gut. Through what I have learned in your classes, I’m making sure I have high vitamin C foods included in my meals. That has been a much greater influence on resolving leaky gut and absorption of nutrients for me. Thank you!! You’re the best.

    Mary L.
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    Debbie Zimmerman is a wonderful at what she does. She has great information and great food.

    Charity Adams
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    Debbie’s knowledge and passion for wellness is immense! I have learned so much! She is amazing!

    Kathy Connelly
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    PhytoFit has been a wonderful resource as I learn about eating in a more healthy way. Lots of great recipes and expert guidance to help me manage my health!

    Clyde Roberds
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    Debbie is a wealth of knowledge about a plant based diet and if she doesn't know the answer she will research it and send you a link to the answer in your email. She is extremely helpful on this journey and she is one of the most pleasant people I know. You are missing out if you haven't taken a class with her!

    Donna Vanderhoff
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    Debbie is a great instructor! Her classes, whether face-to-face or through Zoom, are very informative. Her recipes are tasty and easy to make which made the transition from the standard American diet to whole-food plant-based easy to implement.

    Julie Allen
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    I found Debbie's class through a friend of mine who is part of Chat N Chew. Going to the classes by Zoom was wonderful to hear other's share how they went to Plant Based Diet. My journey started at my doctor's office when for a whole year each of my labs showed that I was headed to far more dangerous diagnosis. This would mean more medications of which I wanted to stop all of the medications I was already on that were not helping me get well. I also was topped out at 205 pounds. They just managed to make my health go worse. as I left my physician's office i went right to the closest grocery store and bout vegetables, fruit and plant based frozen foods. I started checking with Plant Based information and found this class. Knowing what the food I had been eating had brought me to not only know which foods to eat but how much of each type should be used daily. The videos from Dr. Barnard gave me so much more information on why the food I had eaten all these years were hurting me. Debbie's constant care and instruction on how to make my own plant-based food and menus have assisted me in feeling more confident that I could make it. Since starting this process I have done more exercise but nothing strenuous so between Debbie's constant encouragement and others in this group I have lost 17 pounds. She also helped me to get a new set of pots that will also keep me healthy. Thank you for helping her give us these wonderful classes. So many of us are being helped by her efforts with your assistance.

    Sandra Duerr